BowFlex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbell

Introducing the innovative Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbell, the ultimate space-saving solution for your strength training needs. With just a simple turn of the dial, you can effortlessly adjust the resistance from 10 pounds all the way up to a staggering 90 pounds, allowing for a seamless and efficient high-intensity workout. Say goodbye to the days of cluttered workout spaces filled with countless sets of dumbbells. With the SelectTech 1090, you have all the weight you need in one compact dumbbell.

Designed with convenience in mind, this adjustable dumbbell features a single handle connected to a user-friendly dial mechanism. As you turn the dial, the handle securely latches onto additional weight plates, providing you with an easy-to-read display of the chosen weight. Whether you’re looking to perform basic toning and strength exercises or tackle more demanding lifts, the SelectTech 1090 has got you covered.

What sets this adjustable dumbbell apart is its ability to grow with you as you get stronger. You won’t need to invest in new dumbbells every time you surpass a weight threshold because the SelectTech 1090 offers a wide range of weight settings, from 10 to 90 pounds. This means you can continue to challenge yourself without the hassle of purchasing additional equipment.

We understand the importance of maximizing your workout potential, which is why every purchase of the SelectTech 1090 includes a special bonus: a FREE Bowflex┬« SelectTech┬« workout DVD titled “Secrets of the 4 Step Rep”. Unleash the secrets to working smarter, not harder, with over 30 different exercises and more than 80 variations.

In addition to its impressive features, we also offer a 2-month free trial of our JRNY Mobile-Only Membership. This membership provides you with the flexibility to strength train from the comfort of your own home or on the go, all from your phone or tablet. Join our community of inspiring trainers and access personalized, adaptive workouts that cater to your goals and fitness level.

Constructed with durable molding and premium grips, the SelectTech 1090 ensures a smooth and quiet workout experience, allowing you to focus solely on achieving your fitness goals. Bid farewell to the days of cluttered workout spaces and welcome the compact design of the SelectTech 1090 into your home.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing adjustable dumbbell. Say goodbye to multiple sets of dumbbells and hello to efficient, space-saving strength training. Try the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 today and discover the future of home fitness.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Weight Range: 10 to 90 lbs for each dumbbell
  • Exercises Available: 30+
  • Weight Settings: 17
  • Weight Settings in pounds: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90
  • Dumbbell Dimensions (Each) (L x W x H): 17.5 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches
  • Weight (Each): 90 pounds

Leg Exercises:

  • Wide squat
  • Calf raises
  • Stationary lunges
  • Stiff-leg dead lift
  • Reverse lunge
  • Side lunge

Back Exercises:

  • Alternating rows
  • Wide row
  • Dead lift

Chest Exercises:

  • Flat chest press
  • Incline chest press
  • Flat fly
  • Incline fly
  • Decline chest press

Abdominal Exercises:

  • Ab crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Lying trunk rotation
  • Twisting side crunch
  • Lying leg raise

Arm Exercises:

  • Standing curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Incline bench curls
  • Scott curls
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Triceps kickback
  • Lying triceps extension
  • Hammer curl

Shoulder Exercises:

  • Standing shoulder press
  • Lateral raise
  • Seated overhead press
  • Front raise
  • Rear delt row
  • Shrugs

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • Two-year limited warranty on all parts and weight plates
  • One-year warranty on labor

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell: The Ultimate All-in-One Weight Solution

When it comes to home workouts, many people struggle with finding the space for a complete set of dumbbells. That’s where the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell comes in. This innovative piece of equipment offers adjustable resistance from 10 to 90 lbs., allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises without cluttering your living space.

Compared to similar products on the market, the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 stands out with its impressive weight range. While other adjustable dumbbells may only go up to 52.5 or 60 lbs., the 1090 gives you the freedom to increase your strength with up to 90 lbs. of weight, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. With 17 weight settings in 5-pound increments, you can gradually increase the resistance and challenge yourself as you progress.

One of the major advantages of the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 is its smooth adjustment mechanism. Thanks to the weight selection dial, you can seamlessly switch between different weights without the need to manually remove or add plates. This not only saves you time, but also allows for a more efficient and uninterrupted workout session.

For those who are constantly on the move, the JRNY Mobile-Only Membership offered with this dumbbell provides the ultimate convenience. With this membership, you can access inspiring trainers and personalized workouts directly from your phone or tablet. Whether you prefer to exercise at home or while traveling, the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 and the JRNY Mobile-Only Membership have you covered.

When it comes to build quality, the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 does not disappoint. The durable molding and premium grips ensure a comfortable and secure grip, while the sturdy components offer a smooth and quiet lifting experience. You can trust that this dumbbell will withstand your toughest workouts and last for years to come.

While the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 is undoubtedly a top-notch product, it does come with a higher price tag compared to other adjustable dumbbells. However, considering its wide weight range and durable construction, this investment will provide you with a versatile and long-lasting piece of equipment.

In summary, the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell is the ideal solution for individuals who want to take their strength training to the next level without sacrificing space in their home. Its adjustable weight range, smooth adjustment mechanism, and mobile-only membership make it a standout choice for both beginners and advanced users. So, why settle for a cluttered workout space when you can have the convenience and versatility of the Bowflex SelectTech 1090?

Price: 399.99